Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: asibe

  asibe—will come    Madhya 5.80, Madhya 10.19, Madhya 10.59, Madhya 10.69, Madhya 10.122, Madhya 11.195, Madhya 15.198, Madhya 18.28
  asibe—please come    Madhya 9.172, Madhya 15.98
  asibe—you should come    Madhya 1.48
  asibe—you should all come    Madhya 1.136
  asibe—you will come    Madhya 15.97
  keha na asibe—no one should come.    Antya 2.43
  tumi asibe—you will come    Antya 1.46
  asibe saba—all of them will come    Madhya 18.174

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