Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: asesa

  asesa—unlimited    SB 1.15.29, SB 3.1.12, SB 3.6.8, SB 3.7.14, SB 4.9.42-43, SB 4.21.4, SB-4.21.32, SB-4.21.39, SB 4.30.27, SB 4.31.18 (and more...)
  asesa—all    SB 3.21.30, SB 3.21.34, SB 3.22.1, SB 3.29.33, SB 6.4.27-28
  asesa—innumerable    SB 4.21.9, SB 4.21.10, SB 4.21.18, SB-4.21.31, SB 5.10.8
  asesa—unlimitedly    SB 4.23.1-3, SB 5.3.8
  asesa—of everything    SB 3.21.15
  asesa—of all    SB 3.33.2
  asesa-bhutam—being complete    Adi 2.14, Madhya 20.160
  asesa-bandhanah—unlimited attachment.    SB 1.15.40
  asesa-dhisnya-pah—the principal men of all the planets    SB 7.4.13
  asesa-drk harih—Krsna, who has unlimited potency, could understand past, future and present.    SB 10.12.28
  asesa-jiva-nikayanam—of unlimited numbers of living entities    SB 5.24.19
  asesa-krcchrebhyah—from unlimited miseries    SB 6.8.29
  asesa-papmanam—of unlimited numbers of sinful acts    SB 6.13.22-23
  asesa-samjnah—the same one with different names.    SB 10.3.25
  asesa-saksinah—the witness and knower of everything.    SB 8.6.14
  asesa-visese—unlimited varieties of enjoyment    Adi 4.225
  asesa-visese—in a very extensive way.    Adi 7.165
  nibhrta-asesa—meditative mood    SB 1.18.31
  tam asesa-sekharam—unto Krsna, who was on the peak of everything auspicious, with no question of dirtiness or uncleanliness    SB 10.11.20

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