Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: asadya

  asadya—reaching    SB 3.4.32, SB 3.8.21, SB 6.12.4
  asadya—enjoying    Bg 9.20, SB 9.14.20
  asadya—having approached    SB 4.27.23, SB 4.30.32
  asadya—experiencing    SB 5.13.6, SB 5.14.15
  asadya—approaching    SB 8.10.35, SB 10.11.56
  asadya—coming    SB 9.16.14, SB 9.18.8
  asadya—arrested    SB 1.7.33
  asadya—being confronted with    SB 1.8.15
  asadya—having obtained    SB 3.6.5
  asadya—attacking    SB 3.18.14
  asadya—coming near    SB 4.9.42-43
  asadya—going up to    SB 4.28.45
  asadya—after meeting    SB 4.30.2
  asadya—getting    SB 5.5.7
  asadya—coming before King Indra    SB 8.11.14
  asadya—coming near the dead bodies of their husbands    SB 8.17.14
  asadya—appearing before her    SB 10.9.4
  asadya—tasting    Adi 4.259
  lokam asadya—appearing on this planet earth in human society    SB 10.7.3

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