Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: arti

  arti—and distress    SB 6.15.21-23, SB 6.16.13
  arti—eagerness    Antya 14.28, Antya 14.30
  arti—grief    Antya 20.1, Antya 20.5
  arti—movement    SB 5.11.10
  arti—sufferings    SB 1.17.10-11
  arti—distress    SB 3.20.25
  arti—the distresses    SB 4.10.30
  arti—misery    SB 6.1.51
  arti—affliction    SB 9.16.15
  arti-hara—to relieve distress    SB 1.8.43
  eta arti—so much eagerness    Antya 14.28
  loka-arti-hara—vanquisher of the distress of the devotees    SB 3.8.27
  naraka-arti-lipsu—desirous to suffer pain in hell    SB 2.7.22
  pranata-arti-ha—who can deliver His devotees from the greatest danger    SB 4.9.52
  prapanna-arti-haram—who can mitigate all the distresses of a sheltered devotee    SB 8.7.22
  prapanna-arti-harah—one who drives away all kinds of dangers    SB 4.24.26
  prema-arti—painful feelings of love of Godhead    Madhya 11.25
  vraja-jana-arti-han—O one who diminishes all the painful conditions of the inhabitants of Vrndavana    Adi 6.67
  arti-harena—by He who is the vanquisher of the distresses    SB 3.4.4
  arti-hetavah—the cause of all inauspiciousness.    SB 3.17.4
  arti-ha—will vanquish all your pains    SB 4.9.51
  arti-jihirsaya—willing to relieve the distress of the sufferers    SB 3.1.43
  arti-mulam—full of anxieties    SB 3.9.6
  arti-nasanah—it immediately vanquishes all kinds of disease.    SB 9.17.4
  arti-yutah—afflicted by distress    SB 3.4.21

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