Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: arthe

  arthe—by the meaning    Adi 2.66, Antya 5.134, Antya 5.147
  arthe—for the matter of    Bg 1.32-35, SB 4.22.35
  arthe—in the matter of    Bg 2.27, SB 3.3.5
  arthe—in the meaning    Adi 2.87, Madhya 24.171
  arthe—for the sake of    SB 1.7.51
  arthe—in the interest of    SB 2.2.3
  arthe—real cause    SB 3.27.4
  arthe—matter    SB 4.8.12
  arthe—factual cause    SB 4.29.35
  arthe—sense objects    SB 4.29.73
  arthe—for the sake    SB 5.2.7
  arthe—for their own interests    SB 6.18.42
  arthe—for the benefit    SB 7.1.1
  arthe—for the purpose    SB 7.7.41
  arthe—meaning    Adi 7.111
  arthe—in the sense    Adi 16.77
  arthe—meanings    Antya 7.87
  akhila-arthe—for fulfillment    SB 4.7.29
  alpa-arthe—for a slight reason    SB 9.14.37
  amrta-arthe—for the sake of nectar    SB 8.6.32
  amrta-arthe—for gaining nectar    SB 8.7.1
  anyo nya-arthe—to help one another in the imports    Madhya 24.67
  arbhaka-arthe—for the sake of fatherless children    SB 3.1.40
  buddhiman-arthe—by the meaning of intelligent    Madhya 24.91
  subha-arthe—for the sake of the Lord    SB 2.1.18
  dui-arthe—by two interpretations    Madhya 6.273
  ei arthe—in understanding the purpose    Antya 15.77
  eva-arthe—in the sense of eva    Madhya 24.225
  evam-vidha-arthe—to execute such principles    SB 5.8.10
  go-brahmana-arthe—for the sake of cow protection and brahminical culture    SB 8.19.43
  guru-arthe—for the sake of keeping the promise of His father    SB 9.10.4
  gayatrira arthe—with the meaning of Brahma-gayatri    Madhya 25.147
  indriyasya arthe—in the sense objects    Bg 3.34
  kalpana-arthe—because of imaginative meaning    Madhya 6.132
  kare arthe—describes the meaning    Antya 17.50
  krama-arthe—in the meaning of succession    Madhya 24.18
  kriya-arthe—for acting    SB 3.5.51
  krsna-arthe—for the sake of Krsna    Madhya 22.126
  karya-arthe—for executing business    SB 10.1.25
  mad-arthe—for my sake    Bg 1.9
  mat-arthe—on my account.    SB 3.23.6
  mukhya-arthe—direct meaning    Adi 7.137
  para-arthe—for the wealth of others    SB 3.30.11
  parama-arthe—in spiritual matters    Antya 4.159
  palana-arthe—for maintenance    Madhya 20.317
  samhara-arthe—for the purpose of dissolution    Madhya 20.307
  samyama-arthe—with a view to perfect control    SB 3.5.16
  samyama-arthe—for the dissolution also    SB 3.5.43
  sei arthe—in that meaning    Antya 1.77
  sva-arthe—in self-interest    SB 5.5.7
  sva-arthe—in what is good for me    SB 6.18.40
  tat-arthe—for the sake of nectar    SB 8.8.38
  tat-arthe—for the sake of Saubhari Muni    SB 9.6.44
  vrtti-arthe—for earning one’s livelihood, as in business    SB 8.19.43
  yajna-arthe—for the purpose of performing sacrifices    SB 4.18.7
  yat-arthe—for the purpose of which    SB 3.5.51
  yat-arthe—for whom    SB 7.14.12

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