Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: are

  are—oh    SB 5.8.23, SB 7.5.16, Antya 19.47, Antya 19.48
  āre—in the other    Adi 1.68, Antya 6.65
  are—O fool    SB 5.10.7
  āre—the other    Adi 5.177
  āre—O    Adi 17.51
  āre—over and above this    Madhya 6.56
  āre—on the other hand    Antya 18.63
  āre āre—O! O!    Adi 5.195, Adi 5.195
  ṣoḍaśa-are—with sixteen spokes (the five material elements, the ten senses, and the leader of the senses, namely the mind)    SB 7.9.22
  āre adhama—O most degraded one    Madhya 5.52
  āre mūrkha—O fool    Antya 5.117

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