Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: arama

  arama—gratification    SB 4.22.23
  arama—natural forests    SB 7.2.14
  arama—of those taking pleasure (the instructors, namely Sanda and Amarka)    SB 7.5.56-57
  arama—resting houses and gardens    SB 7.15.48-49
  arama—resting chair    Adi 5.123
  dvandva-arama—by persons taking pleasure in duality (in material enmity and friendship)    SB 7.5.53
  puspa-arama—garden    Madhya 14.105
  sva-arama—personal pleasure    SB 9.11.35
  atma-arama—self-satisfied    Madhya 6.185

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