Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: apunah

  apunaḥ—not again    SB 1.8.25
  apunaḥ-bhavam—liberation from matter    SB 1.18.13
  apunaḥ-bhavam—merging into the Supreme    SB 4.24.57
  apunaḥ-bhavam—merging into the Brahman effulgence    SB 4.30.34
  apunaḥ-bhavam—liberation from rebirth in a material body    SB 6.11.25
  apunaḥ-bhavam—cessation of repeated birth (liberation, salvation)    SB 9.21.12
  apunaḥ-bhavam—merging into the existence of the Supreme    Madhya 22.55
  apunaḥ-bhavāya—for the position of immortality    SB 5.19.25
  apunaḥ-āvṛttim—liberation    Bg 5.17

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