Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: aparadha

  aparadha—offense    Adi 2.31, Adi 6.116, Adi 7.37, Adi 7.148, Adi 7.150, Adi 8.29-30, Adi 17.57-58, Adi 17.97, Adi 17.150, Adi 17.261 (and more...)
  aparadha—offense.    Adi 6.117, Adi 12.45, Adi 17.95, Madhya 3.99, Madhya 9.154, Madhya 11.114, Antya 2.123
  aparadha—the offense    Adi 2.33, Adi 17.71, Adi 17.266
  aparadha—offenses    Adi 17.96, Madhya 7.154, Madhya 15.292, Antya 1.31
  aparadha—offenses.    Adi 5.160, Adi 17.226, Madhya 15.47
  aparadha—any offense    Antya 1.107, Antya 5.121
  aparadha—of offenses    Madhya 19.157
  aparadha—of the offense    Antya 3.144
  ei aparadha—this offense    Madhya 15.256, Antya 19.10
  maha-aparadha—a great offense    Madhya 6.200, Antya 10.99
  ajna-aparadha—offense by innocent person    Madhya 12.129
  alpa aparadha—the offense is not very great    Antya 2.123
  aparadha chadi—giving up offenses    Antya 7.137
  aparadha ha-uka—let there be offenses    Antya 10.95
  aparadha haya—there is offense.    Antya 4.152
  aparadha kainu—I have committed offenses    Antya 7.130
  aparadha karon—I commit offenses    Antya 4.151
  aparadha ksami—excusing them of their offenses    Madhya 1.154
  aparadha nahi—do not commit offenses    Madhya 15.285
  aparadha pai—I shall be an offender.    Madhya 15.197
  aparadha-bhaye—out of fear of offenses    Antya 4.148
  aparadha-danda—punishment for offenses    Antya 4.196
  aparadha-abhase—by a glimpse of an offense    Antya 10.96
  aparadha-adi—the offenses    Madhya 22.117
  srivasa-aparadha—the offense to the lotus feet of Srivasa Thakura.    Madhya 1.153
  ei aparadha-cihna—this is a great offense.    Madhya 25.78
  ksamila aparadha—Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu excused the offense.    Madhya 15.300
  kon aparadha—what great offense    Antya 2.116
  koti aparadha—ten million offenses    Antya 10.96
  kahan aparadha—where is the offense.    Madhya 15.235
  ninda-aparadha—offenses and blasphemy    Madhya 25.75
  nama-aparadha—offenses in chanting the holy name    Madhya 24.336
  seva-aparadha-khandana—rejecting offenses in worshiping the Deity.    Madhya 24.336
  vaisnava-aparadha—an offense at the feet of a Vaisnava    Madhya 19.156

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