Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: apanara

  apanara—His own    Adi 13.100, Madhya 1.181, Madhya 6.16, Madhya 8.148, Madhya 10.177, Madhya 21.104
  apanara—of his own    Adi 3.42, Adi 5.55
  apanara—personal    Adi 5.233, Madhya 18.146
  apanara—of Yourself    Madhya 3.71, Antya 5.117
  apanara—own    Adi 17.277
  apanara—of my own    Madhya 3.185
  apanara—of my personal self    Madhya 20.100
  apanara—of Himself    Madhya 21.139
  apanara—my personal    Antya 4.162
  apanara—his    Antya 6.228
  apanara—His own.    Antya 12.51
  apanara—My own    Antya 15.79
  apanara—Your own    Antya 16.133
  apanara bale—by His own strength    Madhya 24.38
  apanara duhkhe—in my own unhappiness    Antya 8.25
  apanara gana—his own associates    Antya 6.99
  apanara ghare—to his own house    Madhya 19.6
  apanara guna—their own personal qualities    Antya 5.78
  apanara hate—with His own hand    Madhya 12.131
  apanara jale—in your net.    Antya 18.65
  apanara karma-dosa—it is the result of My own fate    Antya 19.50
  apanara katha—his own words    Antya 5.77
  apanara munde—on his own head    Madhya 18.227
  apanara sama—like You    Madhya 3.98
  apanara sukha-duhkhe—for personal happiness and distress    Antya 9.75
  apanara age—before You    Antya 11.32

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