Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: anurupam

  anurūpam—which of them is right    SB 1.17.20
  anurūpam—according to different living entities    SB 4.18.9-10
  anurūpam—to his liking    SB 4.25.11
  anurūpam—suitable for you    SB 6.5.9
  anurūpām—suitable    SB 3.22.11
  anna-anurūpām—according to the food    Antya 1.92
  śraddhā-anurūpam—according to one’s faith and devotion    SB 8.17.17
  samaya-anurūpam—according to the time and circumstances    SB 4.19.37
  sevā-anurūpam—according to the category of service one renders to the Lord    SB 7.9.27

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