Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: anuraga

  anurāga—attachment    SB 3.2.14, SB 3.3.7, SB 4.26.23, Adi 7.143, Madhya 11.50
  anurāga—of attachment    SB 5.7.12, SB 5.25.5, Antya 2.168
  anurāga—attachments.    Adi 4.175, Antya 20.19
  anurāga—affection.    Madhya 8.103, Antya 20.49
  anurāga—feelingly    SB 1.9.11
  anurāga—with great affection    SB 3.8.6
  anurāga—attraction    SB 3.15.25
  anurāga—in great ecstasy    SB 5.3.6
  anurāga—out of love    SB 5.8.25
  anurāga—lustful    SB 5.24.16
  anurāga—love    Adi 4.170
  anurāga—further attachment    Madhya 19.178
  anurāga—subattachment    Madhya 23.42
  anurāga paryanta—up to subecstatic love    Madhya 24.33
  anurāga-anta—up to the end of subecstatic love.    Madhya 24.33
  anurāga-hāsa—with kind smiling    SB 3.4.10
  anurāga-kalayā—loving    SB 3.16.11
  anurāga-sīmā—up to the limit of subordinate spontaneous love    Madhya 23.55
  anurāga-āveśita-cittaḥ—the brāhmaṇa who was absorbed in love for his son    SB 5.9.6
  gāḍha anurāga—deep affection    Madhya 11.149
  kathana-anurāga—attracted to discussions    Madhya 24.88
  kṛṣṇa-anurāga—attraction for Kṛṣṇa    Madhya 8.169
  sa-anurāga—affectionate    SB 4.16.9
  sa-anurāga-avalokanam—one who is looking toward the devotees with great affection    SB 4.8.51

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