Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: anupama

  anupama—of the name Anupama    Adi 10.84, Adi 10.85
  anupama—unparalleled    Madhya 8.181, Madhya 17.113
  anupama—extraordinary    Adi 16.67
  anupama—without comparison    Madhya 15.91
  anupama—his brother Anupama    Madhya 20.66
  anupama—exquisite.    Madhya 1.166
  anupama mallika—Anupama Mallika    Madhya 19.36
  anupama-bhai—brother named Anupama    Antya 4.30
  anupama-guna—having unparalleled qualities    Madhya 8.182
  sri-vallabha-anupama—named Sri Vallabha or Anupama    Antya 4.227
  rupa-anupama-katha—news about his younger brothers, Rupa Gosvami and Anupama    Madhya 25.211

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