Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: anugrahah

  anugrahah—mercy    SB 3.4.12, SB 4.21.25, SB 4.24.58, SB 4.26.22, SB 5.5.24, SB 8.22.16
  anugrahah—favor    SB 3.16.16, SB 3.22.7, SB 4.7.13, SB 6.17.29, SB 9.5.9
  anugrahah—causeless mercy.    SB 3.9.34, SB 3.9.38, SB 4.22.42
  anugrahah—a favor    SB 3.16.12, SB 6.17.20
  anugrahah—merciful    SB 3.14.36
  anugrahah—giving assistance.    SB 3.26.29
  anugrahah—the manifester.    SB 3.27.16
  anugrahah—whose benediction    SB 7.4.3
  anugrahah—compassion    SB 9.24.58
  anugrahah ca—and false ego or the demigods    SB 7.9.48
  anugrahah ca—and the maintainer    SB 10.2.28
  anugrahah krtah—this was a great favor done by him to you.    SB 10.10.40
  mahat-anugrahah—compassion by the Supreme    SB 7.9.42
  mat-anugrahah—should be considered to have received My special mercy.    SB 8.22.26
  parihina-bhagavat-anugrahah—being without the favor of the Supreme Personality of Godhead    SB 5.24.26
  sat-anugrahah—who are always kind and merciful to the devotees    SB 10.2.31
  tat-anugrahah—His causeless mercy    SB 2.10.4
  tvat-anugrahah—Your causeless mercy    SB 8.23.2

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