Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: anubhavena

  anubhavena—by understanding    SB 4.17.29
  anubhavena—by worshiping the Supreme Lord    SB 4.7.57
  anubhavena—by the prowess    SB 5.1.27
  anubhavena—by consequence    SB 5.8.28
  anubhavena—and by His influence    SB 10.8.19
  arcana-anubhavena—because of worshiping    SB 8.4.11-12
  dhyana-anubhavena—by meditation    SB 5.1.23
  krsna-anubhavena—because of the mercy of Lord Krsna    SB 9.22.34
  tat-anubhavena—because of performing such great sacrifices    SB 8.15.35
  tat-prasanga-anubhavena—because of associating with King Rantideva (when talking with him about bhakti-yoga)    SB 9.21.18
  yoga-anubhavena—by yogic powers    SB 3.23.46

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