Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: antarena

  antareṇa—without.    SB 3.31.15
  antareṇa—within one’s self.    SB 5.4.18
  antareṇa—within    SB 5.17.6
  antareṇa—in the intervening space    SB 5.21.2
  antareṇa—from between    SB 5.25.3
  antareṇa—between    SB 10.10.26
  antareṇa—without    Madhya 2.58
  antareṇa—by the region between    Madhya 24.206
  dyāv-ā-pṛthivyoḥ antareṇa—between the upper and lower portions of the universe    SB 5.22.5
  yojana-ayuta-antareṇa—with an interval of ten thousand yojanas (eighty thousand miles)    SB 5.24.7

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