Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: antardhana

  antardhana—disappearance.    Adi 1.92, Adi 3.13, Adi 13.9, Adi 17.282, Antya 14.78
  antardhana—disappearing    SB 4.18.20, Madhya 1.140, Madhya 9.206
  antardhana—of disappearance    SB 4.24.3
  antardhana—of the name    SB 4.24.3
  antardhana—the ability to disappear    SB 5.5.35
  antardhana—out of vision    SB 8.10.45
  antardhana kaila—disappeared    Adi 5.196, Madhya 4.44, Madhya 9.63, Madhya 9.193
  antardhana ha-ila—has disappeared    Antya 18.38
  antardhana ha-ila—disappeared.    Antya 19.86
  antardhana kaila—disappeared    Antya 15.30
  antardhana kari—disappearing    Adi 3.13
  antardhana-akhyam—known as the Antardhana    SB 3.20.44
  ha-ila antardhana—disappeared.    Madhya 24.281
  kaila antardhana—passed away from this material world.    Antya 8.33
  karena antardhana—was about to die    Antya 8.18
  krsna-antardhana—the disappearance of Krsna    Madhya 23.117-118

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