Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: anna

  anna—food    Adi 10.38, Adi 12.50, Adi 14.37, Madhya 3.72, Madhya 3.82, Madhya 3.93, Madhya 4.29, Madhya 4.181, Madhya 9.53, Madhya 11.200 (and more...)
  anna—food grains    Bg 3.14, SB 5.16.24, SB 8.18.32, Adi 14.31, Madhya 4.69, Madhya 4.93, Madhya 17.62-63
  anna—rice    Madhya 3.39, Madhya 3.86, Madhya 3.87, Madhya 6.42, Madhya 11.116, Madhya 15.208, Antya 12.126
  anna—eatables    SB 2.2.4, Adi 14.28, Madhya 3.74, Madhya 3.75, Madhya 15.239
  anna—grains    Adi 15.9, Adi 17.153, Madhya 17.59
  anna—different kinds of food    SB 4.19.8
  anna—by eating    SB 5.24.13
  anna—the eatables    Madhya 3.65
  anna—of rice and other eatables    Madhya 4.11
  anna—of rice    Madhya 5.100
  anna—remnants of food    Madhya 6.224
  anna—the food    Madhya 9.55
  anna—cooked rice and vegetables    Madhya 15.63
  anna-pāna—food and drink    Madhya 3.158, Antya 13.48
  śeṣa-anna—remnants of food    Madhya 7.123, Madhya 17.91
  prasāda-anna—remnants of food    Madhya 6.217, Madhya 12.202
  prasāda-anna—the prasāda    Madhya 6.217, Madhya 6.222
  abhojya-anna vipra—a brāhmaṇa at whose place an invitation cannot be accepted    Antya 8.88
  alpa anna—a small quantity of prasāda    Madhya 11.200
  amṛta-anna—nectarean rice    Antya 12.133
  anna chāḍi—giving up eating properly    Antya 8.72
  anna deha—You give food    Antya 3.218
  anna dekhi—seeing the food    Madhya 15.247
  anna dena—deliver some eatables    Antya 6.216
  anna dila—supplied food grains    Madhya 20.21
  anna khābe—You will eat the food    Madhya 15.235
  anna lañā—with food grains    Madhya 4.92
  anna praśaṁsiyā—praising the rice    Antya 2.112
  anna-adam—used for eating    SB 6.9.1
  anna-adam—used for eating food    SB 6.9.5
  anna-adya—grains    SB 2.3.2-7
  anna-adyena—by distributing prasāda    SB 8.16.55
  anna-adāḥ—all living entities desiring food    SB 4.18.27
  anna-anurūpām—according to the food    Antya 1.92
  anna-arthī—in need of some eatables    Antya 6.216
  anna-doṣe—by contamination of food    Madhya 12.190
  anna-jala—food and drink    Adi 10.98
  anna-kūṭa—of the Annakūṭa ceremony    Madhya 4.75
  anna-kūṭa—the Annakūṭa ceremony during the time of Kṛṣṇa    Madhya 4.86
  anna-kūṭa—heaps of food    Madhya 4.94
  anna-kūṭa kare—perform the Annakūṭa ceremony    Madhya 4.90
  anna-kāṅkṣiṇaḥ—always desiring to get sufficient food    SB 10.10.16
  anna-mayaḥ—the source of potency for food grains    SB 5.22.10
  anna-mayāya—who maintains all living entities by supplying the necessities of life    SB 5.18.18
  anna-piṭhā-pānā—rice, cakes and sweet rice    Madhya 12.154-155
  anna-pāna—by the food and drink    SB 3.31.5
  anna-pāna—solid and liquid food.    Madhya 11.111
  anna-pānānām—of food and drink    SB 2.10.29
  anna-pātre—on the plate for food    Madhya 15.61
  anna-saha—with food    Madhya 9.54
  anna-vyañjana—food grains and vegetables    Madhya 4.71
  anna-vyañjana—rice and vegetables    Madhya 15.225
  anna-vyañjana—cooked rice and vegetables    Antya 12.127
  anna-vyañjana khāila—has eaten all this food    Madhya 15.59
  anna-vyañjana-pūrṇa—filled with rice and vegetables    Madhya 15.62
  anna-vyañjana-upari—on top of the boiled rice and vegetables    Madhya 3.56
  anna-vyañjana-upari—over the rice and vegetables    Madhya 15.220
  anna-ādi dekhiyā—seeing the arrangement of food    Madhya 15.224
  anna-ādya—by offering them sufficient grains and other eatables    SB 10.7.5
  anna-ādya-ādeḥ—of food and drink, etc.    SB 7.11.8-12
  bhojya-anna vipra—a brāhmaṇa at whose place an invitation could be accepted    Antya 8.89
  bhojya-anna-brāhmaṇa—a brāhmaṇa whose food can be accepted    Madhya 17.12
  śāka-anna-śiṣṭam—remnants of foodstuff    SB 1.15.11
  śāli-anna—cooked rice made of śāli paddy    Madhya 15.54-55
  śāli-anna—the rice of fine quality    Antya 2.109
  śāli-anna—very fine rice    Antya 12.125
  ei anna—this food    Madhya 3.76
  eta anna—so much food    Madhya 24.280
  ghṛta-sikta parama-anna—sweet rice mixed with ghee    Madhya 15.217
  khāya yadi anna-pāne—if one eats only ordinary food grains    Madhya 25.278
  kim anna-dātuḥ—does it belong to the employer who gives me the money to maintain it    SB 10.10.11
  mahā-prasāda-anna—remnants of food offered to Lord Jagannātha.    Madhya 6.39
  mahā-prasāda-anna—the remnants of food    Madhya 11.174
  na anna-doṣeṇa maskarī—a sannyāsī does not become affected by faulty acceptance of food    Madhya 12.191
  nave anna-ādye—newly produced food grains    SB 7.12.19
  prasāda-anna—the remnants of food    Madhya 6.223
  prasāda-anna—remnants of food of Lord Jagannātha    Madhya 7.60
  prasāda-anna—food    Madhya 7.86
  prasāda-anna—rice mahā-prasāda    Madhya 11.116
  prasāda-anna—remnants of food of Jagannātha.    Madhya 11.195
  prasāda-anna—remnants of Jagannātha's food    Madhya 11.206
  prasāda-anna—food of Jagannātha    Antya 6.315
  prasāda-anna lañā—taking the remnants of all kinds of food    Madhya 11.204
  sei anna—that prasāda    Madhya 12.201
  sei anna—that rice    Antya 6.318
  sei prasāda-anna—those remnants of food    Madhya 6.218
  tat-anna-tṛptaiḥ—satisfied by the foodstuff of the sacrifice    SB 4.4.21
  uttama anna—fine rice    Antya 2.110
  uttama-anna—first-class rice    Madhya 5.102

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