Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: anghrih

  aṅghriḥ—whose feet    SB 5.13.8
  aṅghriḥ—her feet    SB 6.18.60
  aṅghriḥ—from His feet    SB 8.5.41
  aṅghriḥ—steps occupying above and below    SB 8.20.34
  abhivandita-aṅghriḥ—whose feet are worshiped    SB 4.6.40
  abhivandita-aṅghriḥ—whose lotus feet are worshiped.    SB 8.23.6
  arcita-aṅghriḥ—whose lotus feet are worshiped.    SB 9.10.12
  avanijyamāna-aṅghriḥ—whose foot is always washed    SB 8.2.4
  bhūṣaṇa-aṅghriḥ—with bangles on his legs.    SB 4.5.6
  vimṛgya-aṅghriḥ—Lord Kṛṣṇa’s lotus feet, which are sought    SB 7.15.27
  ārya-aṅghriḥ—at the lotus feet of great persons    SB 7.4.31-32

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