Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: andhah

  andhah—blind    SB 1.13.22, SB 3.3.5, SB 5.13.9, SB 5.14.14
  andhah—eatables    SB 4.29.12
  andhah—Andha    SB 5.19.17-18
  andhah—food grains    SB 5.20.12
  andhah—the food grains    SB 8.5.34
  andhah—blind men    SB 5.1.15
  andhah—persons who are blind    SB 7.5.31
  durmada-andhah—captivated by false prestige.    SB 5.12.5-6
  mada-andhah—being blind with power    SB 4.14.5
  mada-andhah—blinded by false prestige    SB 5.24.16
  madira-mada-andhah—one who is blinded by intoxication.    SB 3.28.37
  unmada-andhah—gone mad in ecstasy    SB 1.9.40

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