Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: amrte

  amrte—the nectar    SB 8.9.27
  amrte—nectars    Antya 17.38
  adhara-amrte—by the nectar of the lips    Madhya 21.130
  bhagavata-amrte—in the Bhagavatamrta    Antya 4.219
  bhava-amrte—in the nectar of the ecstasy    Madhya 8.220
  guna-amrte—nectar of qualities    Adi 8.64
  iccha-amrte—by the nectar of the will    Adi 9.38
  nama-amrte—in the nectar of the Hare Krsna mantra    Adi 13.13
  panca-amrte—in a preparation made with five palatable foods    Madhya 4.61
  prema-amrte trpta—being satisfied only in the loving service of the Lord    Madhya 4.124
  smita-jyotsna-amrte—by the nectar of the sweetly smiling moonrays    Madhya 21.130
  visa-amrte—poison and nectar    Madhya 2.51

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