Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: amrtam

  amrtam—nectar    Bg 13.13, Bg 14.20, SB 5.12.2, SB 6.18.14, SB 8.5.11-12, SB 8.9.28, SB 8.10.1, SB 8.11.44, SB 8.12.13, Madhya 14.227
  amrtam—immortality    Bg 9.19, SB 3.9.15, SB 4.11.27, SB 4.12.51, SB 6.12.9
  amrtam—nectarean    SB 3.19.1, Antya 20.154
  amrtam—eternal life    SB 6.3.20-21, SB 7.15.47
  amrtam—the nectar    SB 7.14.3-4, SB 8.12.47
  amrtam—without deterioration    Madhya 21.51, Madhya 21.88
  amrtam—nectar.    Bg 10.18
  amrtam—understanding    Bg 12.20
  amrtam—nectar for eternal life    SB 1.16.8
  amrtam—eternity of life    SB 1.18.11
  amrtam—deathlessness    SB 2.6.19
  amrtam—the embodiment of bliss    SB 3.32.10
  amrtam—the results of sacrifice    SB 4.25.39
  amrtam—Amrta    SB 5.20.3-4
  amrtam—happiness    SB 6.3.5
  amrtam—giving pleasure    SB 6.18.41
  amrtam—nectar or milk    SB 7.10.30
  amrtam—the profession of amrta    SB 7.11.18-20
  amrtam—the path of eternal life    SB 8.5.36
  amrtam—milk, which is like nectar    SB 8.6.12
  amrtam—generation of the nectar    SB 8.10.2
  amrtam—never to be vanquished    SB 8.12.7
  amrtam—very sweet    SB 9.21.11
  amrtam—the ambrosia    Madhya 23.1
  adhara-amrtam—the nectar from His lips    SB 1.10.28
  adhara-amrtam—the nectar of the lips.    Antya 16.117
  amrtam ca—and eternal life    SB 10.1.5-7
  dharma-amrtam—eternal religious principle of Krsna consciousness    Madhya 23.113
  gaura-lila-amrtam—the nectar of the pastimes of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu    Madhya 25.283
  hari-katha-amrtam—the nectar of topics concerning Krsna.    SB 10.1.13
  hari-lila-amrtam—the nectar of the pastimes of the Lord    SB 3.20.6
  katha-amrtam—transcendental topics about Him    SB 1.18.4
  katha-amrtam—the nectar of the messages    SB 2.2.37
  katha-amrtam—the nectar of words    Madhya 14.13
  krsna-bhava-amrtam—the nectar of ecstatic love of Krsna    Antya 16.1
  krsna-katha-amrtam—the nectar of krsna-katha.    SB 10.12.43
  manah-nayana-amrtam—nectar for the mind and eyes    Madhya 2.74
  rasa-kupa-amrtam—the nectar contained in that well    SB 7.10.62

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