Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: ambhah

  ambhah—water    SB 1.18.21, SB 2.5.26-29, SB 3.5.36, SB 3.8.16, SB 3.10.5, SB 3.26.41, SB 3.32.9, SB 8.20.25-29, SB 9.6.45-46
  ambhah—the water    SB 4.6.26, SB 5.20.22
  ambhah—the devastating water    SB 3.8.32
  ambhah—the masses of water seen on this planet or on others    SB 8.5.33
  ambhah rasa-mayam—water with taste    SB 3.5.35
  ambhah-guna-visesah—the distinctive characteristic of water (taste)    SB 3.26.48
  ambhah-ja—born from the water    SB 4.24.21
  ambhah-ruham—like a lotus flower    Adi 4.260
  arhana-ambhah—water which has washed the feet    SB 3.16.9
  ganga-ambhah—the water of the Ganges    SB 9.8.28
  gangam ambhah—with water from the Ganges.    SB 8.6.13
  hima-ambhah—very cold water    SB 5.12.2
  panka-ambhah—water mixed with mud    SB 1.8.52

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