Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: ambaram

  ambaram—clothing.    SB 3.21.9
  ambaram—robes    SB 3.23.30
  ambaram—her garments    SB 3.33.29
  ambaram—the sky.    SB 7.2.2
  ambaram—the covering of his body    SB 9.15.29
  ambaram—into the sky    SB 10.4.9
  dik-ambaram—dressed by all directions (naked)    SB 1.19.27
  ghata-ambaram—sky within the block    SB 1.13.55
  pita-ambaram—His garments were yellow    SB 10.3.9-10
  pisanga-ambaram—dressed in yellow garments    SB 8.22.13
  valkala-ambaram—covered with the bark of trees    SB 9.10.34
  yavat vibhusa-ambaram—exactly like their ornaments and dress in all their varied particulars    SB 10.13.19

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