Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: aksa

  aksa—senses    SB 4.28.38, SB 4.29.70, SB 6.10.12, Madhya 8.224
  aksa—eyes    SB 1.19.26
  aksa—on the axle    SB 3.21.18
  aksa—by senses    SB 3.21.33
  aksa—windows    SB 4.25.14
  aksa—aksa fruits    SB 8.2.9-13
  aksa—the senses    Madhya 9.123
  aravinda-aksa—O lotus-eyed one    SB 6.11.26, SB 10.2.32, Madhya 22.30, Madhya 24.131, Madhya 24.141, Madhya 25.32
  ambuja-aksa—O lotus-eyed one    SB 1.11.9, Antya 4.63
  aksa-hrdayam—the secrets of the art of gambling    SB 9.9.16-17
  aksa-jah—the Lord, who was born from the nostril of Brahma.    SB 3.19.2
  aksa-malam—rudraksa beads    SB 4.6.38
  aksa-malam—a string of Rudraksa beads    SB 8.18.16
  aksa-visayam—now a subject matter for seeing    SB 3.15.38
  ambuja-aksa—O lotus-eyed Lord    SB 10.2.30
  aravinda-aksa—My Lord, whose eyes are like the petals of a lotus    SB 8.24.30
  aravinda-aksa—O great hero with eyes like the petals of a lotus    SB 9.20.14
  cakra-aksa—the two wheels and the axle    SB 10.7.7
  hema-jala-aksa—from dainty little windows made of networks of gold    SB 8.15.19
  kamala-aksa—the lotus-eyed    Adi 6.31
  kata-aksa—glances    Adi 4.155
  krsna krsna aravinda-aksa—O Krsna, my son, lotus-eyed Krsna    SB 10.11.15
  pratyak-dhrta-aksa—eyes settled for introspection    SB 3.8.4
  pundarika-aksa—O lotus-eyed Lord    SB 7.10.9
  pundarika-aksa—O lotus-eyed one    Madhya 23.37
  sarva-aksa—of all material senses    SB 4.30.22
  taila-yantra-aksa-vat—like the axle of an oil-pressing machine    SB 5.21.14
  tri-aksa—Lord Siva (who has three eyes)    SB 4.7.22
  tri-aksa—Tryaksa (three-eyed)    SB 7.2.4-5

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