Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: akrti

  akrti—bodily features    SB 3.12.15, Madhya 18.117, Madhya 20.357
  akrti—form    SB 5.11.10
  bhava-avesa-akrti—forms and transcendental emotions    Madhya 20.183
  kurma-akrti—of becoming like a tortoise    Antya 17.70
  sei akrti—that feature    Madhya 20.171
  yavat sila-guna-abhidha-akrti-vayah—their exact character, habits, features, attributes and explicit bodily features    SB 10.13.19
  akrti-patih—the husband of Akrti    SB 6.6.15
  akrti-maya—the form made of maya    Madhya 9.192

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