Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: akhyam

  akhyam—of the name    SB 3.10.10, SB 4.7.27
  akhyam—by the name    SB 4.8.41
  akhyam—celebrated    SB 3.24.19
  bhakta-akhyam—known as a devotee    Adi 1.14, Adi 7.6
  caitanya-akhyam—known as Sri Caitanya    Adi 1.5, Adi 4.55
  sri-krsna-akhyam—known as Lord Sri Krsna    Adi 2.95, Madhya 20.151
  sankarsana-akhyam—known as Sankarsana    Adi 1.8, Adi 5.13
  aham-akhyam—false ego, false identification with the material world.    SB 5.5.10-13
  aniruddha-akhyam—by the name Aniruddha    SB 3.26.28
  antardhana-akhyam—known as the Antardhana    SB 3.20.44
  apavarga-akhyam—by the name of liberation    SB 1.18.16
  apavarga-akhyam—called apavarga (liberation)    SB 5.3.9
  badari-akhyam—named Badarikasrama    SB 9.3.36
  brahma-akhyam—known as Brahmaloka    Adi 2.17
  cara-acara-akhyam—and everything, moving and nonmoving    SB 8.12.11
  sesa-akhyam—known as Sesa, the plenary expansion of Krsna    SB 10.2.8
  siva-akhyam—named Siva    SB 4.4.16
  siva-akhyam—celebrated by the name Siva    SB 8.7.29
  dharma-akhyam—by the name of religion    SB 5.7.6
  gokula-akhyam—named Gokula    Madhya 20.258
  govinda-akhyam—named Lord Govinda    Adi 5.224
  hataka-akhyam—named Hataka    SB 5.24.17
  jrmbhana-akhyam—known as yawning    SB 3.20.41
  kaivalya-akhyam—called kaivalya    SB 3.27.28-29
  kapila-akhyam—known as Kapila Muni    SB 9.8.20
  kaustubha-akhyam—known as Kaustubha    SB 8.8.6
  loka-pala-akhyam—known as the ruler of all the lokas, or planets    SB 9.20.33
  nara-narayana-akhyam—named Nara-Narayana    SB 5.4.5
  narayana-akhyam—named Narayana-kavaca    SB 6.8.3
  para-devata-akhyam—the Supreme Lord, the Personality of Godhead, appearing in that form    SB 8.9.18
  para-akhyam—who is transcendental    SB 1.18.42
  para-akhyam—two parardhas    SB 3.32.9
  pravrtta-akhyam—known as material attachment    SB 7.15.48-49
  sankarsana-akhyam—Sankarsana by name    SB 3.26.25
  talajangha-akhyam—were known as the Talajanghas    SB 9.23.28
  vaikuntha-akhyam—the place known as Vaikuntha    SB 9.4.60
  visesa-akhyam—called visesa    SB 3.26.52
  vasudeva-akhyam—by the name vasudeva    SB 3.26.21

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