Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: aisvarya

  aiśvarya—opulence    Bg 2.42-43, Bg 2.44, SB 1.8.26, SB 2.8.20, SB 3.24.32, SB 6.14.12, Adi 5.90, Adi 14.36, Adi 17.11, Adi 17.112 (and more...)
  aiśvarya—opulences    SB 5.4.1, SB 6.15.21-23, Adi 2.40, Adi 4.91, Adi 5.47, Adi 7.138, Madhya 20.279-280, Antya 5.126
  aiśvarya—of opulence    Adi 6.62, Madhya 6.161, Madhya 20.97
  aiśvarya—material opulence    SB 6.14.25, Antya 6.39
  aiśvarya—wealth and power    SB 1.2.27
  aiśvarya—mystic opulences    SB 5.19.9
  aiśvarya—and opulence    SB 6.13.16
  aiśvarya—by opulence    SB 8.22.26
  aiśvarya—mystic power    Adi 7.60
  aiśvarya—miracle    Madhya 11.229
  aiśvarya—divine power    Madhya 14.19
  aiśvarya—the opulence    Madhya 20.178
  ṣaṭ-aiśvarya-pūrṇa—full in six opulences    Madhya 18.112, Madhya 25.110
  sarva-aiśvarya-maya—full of all opulences.    Adi 17.108, Madhya 11.135-136
  sarva-aiśvarya-pūrṇa—full of all opulence    Madhya 18.190, Madhya 20.155
  aiśvarya ha-ite—than the understanding of opulence    Antya 7.35
  aiśvarya jñānete—with knowledge of majesty    Adi 4.17
  aiśvarya kahite—while describing the opulence    Madhya 21.99
  aiśvarya nā jāne—he does not know opulence    Madhya 14.217
  aiśvarya prakaṭana—manifestation of godly opulence.    Antya 8.93
  aiśvarya prakāśa—exhibition of a miracle.    Madhya 11.231
  aiśvarya-bhāve—the mood of full opulence    Madhya 14.216
  aiśvarya-śithila—weakened by majesty    Adi 4.17
  aiśvarya-śithila-preme—to love enfeebled by opulence    Adi 3.16
  aiśvarya-jñāna—knowledge of opulence    Antya 7.35
  aiśvarya-jñāna haite—than transcendental love in opulence    Antya 7.45
  aiśvarya-jñāna-hīna—without reverential considerations    Madhya 19.193
  aiśvarya-jñāna-hīna—devoid of knowledge of opulences    Antya 7.41
  aiśvarya-jñāna-miśrā—knowledge of Kṛṣṇa mixed with a reverential attitude    Madhya 19.192
  aiśvarya-jñāna-prādhānye—in the predominance of awe and veneration    Madhya 19.194
  aiśvarya-jñāna-yukta—with understanding of the opulences    Antya 7.26
  aiśvarya-jñāne—in knowledge of the opulences    Adi 3.17
  aiśvarya-jñāne—in the knowledge of opulence    Madhya 8.230
  aiśvarya-jñāne—in opulence    Madhya 9.130
  aiśvarya-jñāne—because of knowledge of the opulence    Madhya 19.196
  aiśvarya-jñāne—by understanding of the opulences    Antya 7.26
  aiśvarya-jñāne—in the understanding of opulence    Antya 7.28
  aiśvarya-jñāne—due to knowledge of opulences    Antya 7.145
  aiśvarya-jñānete—with knowledge of the opulences    Adi 3.16
  aiśvarya-jñāni-gaṇe—learned scholars knowing the opulence of Kṛṣṇa.    Madhya 19.229
  aiśvarya-made—being proud of his opulence    Antya 5.138
  aiśvarya-mattasya—of one who was intoxicated by opulences    SB 7.4.20
  aiśvarya-mattena—being very proud of material opulence    SB 6.7.11
  aiśvarya-maya—full of opulence    Adi 5.27-28
  aiśvarya-mādhurya-maya—full of opulence and the sweetness of love    Madhya 21.120
  aiśvarya-pravīṇa—prominence of awe and reverence.    Madhya 19.193
  aiśvarya-pūrṇa—full of all opulences    Madhya 20.315
  aiśvarya-svabhāva—opulences and characteristics    Antya 5.83
  aiśvarya-sāgara—an ocean of opulence    Madhya 21.31
  aiśvarya-ādi—of all kinds of opulence    SB 5.20.40
  aiśvarya-ānanda—bliss due to opulence    SB 5.24.8
  cit-aiśvarya—spiritual opulence    Adi 7.111
  kṛṣṇa-aiśvarya—of the opulence of Kṛṣṇa    Madhya 25.259
  kṛṣṇera aiśvarya—the opulence of Kṛṣṇa    Madhya 21.98
  madhura-aiśvarya—of sweetness and opulence    Madhya 21.44
  madhura-aiśvarya-viśeṣa-śalini—especially by the opulence of conjugal love    Madhya 21.45
  mahā-aiśvarya-yukta—very opulent in riches    Madhya 16.218
  mādhurya-aiśvarya—of the sweetness and opulence    Madhya 21.1
  ṣaṭ-aiśvarya—of six kinds of opulences    Adi 2.23
  ṣaṭ-aiśvarya—six kinds of opulence    Madhya 21.5
  ṣaṭ-aiśvarya—six opulences    Madhya 21.8
  ṣaṭ-aiśvarya—the six opulences    Madhya 21.96
  ṣaṭ-aiśvarya—possessing six opulences    Antya 5.119
  ṣaṭ-aiśvarya-bhāṇḍāra—the storehouse of six opulences    Madhya 21.47
  ṣaṭ-aiśvarya-śakti—six kinds of opulence.    Madhya 25.107
  ṣaṭ-aiśvarya-pati—the master of six opulences    Madhya 15.179
  ṣaṭ-aiśvarya-pūrṇa—with six opulences in full    Madhya 6.152
  ṣaṭ-aiśvarya-pūrṇa bhagavān—the Supreme Personality of Godhead, full in all six opulences    Madhya 25.33
  ṣaṭ-vidha-aiśvarya—six kinds of opulences    Adi 5.44
  nija-aiśvarya—His personal opulence    Madhya 21.145
  pūrṇa-aiśvarya—full of all opulences    Madhya 25.114
  pūrṇa-aiśvarya-prabhu-jñāna—knowledge of the full opulences of the Supreme Personality of Godhead    Madhya 19.219
  pūrṇa-aiśvarya-pūrṇa—full of all opulences    Madhya 21.92
  sarva-aiśvarya—all opulences    Madhya 8.136
  sarva-aiśvarya-paripūrṇa—full with all opulences    Madhya 6.140
  sarva-aiśvarya-prakāśe—manifestation of His full opulence    Madhya 20.398
  tulya-aiśvarya—equal in opulence    SB 8.15.10-11
  yoga-aiśvarya-śarīrāya—whose body is full of opulences and mystic power    SB 8.16.33
  ātma-aiśvarya—his own personal opulence    SB 9.15.25
  ātma-aiśvarya-smṛtiḥ—remembrance of the exalted transcendental position of Me, the Supreme Personality of Godhead    SB 6.9.47

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