Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: aisa

  āisa—come    Adi 7.54, Madhya 9.171, Madhya 19.33, Madhya 19.35, Madhya 19.48, Antya 2.93, Antya 12.67, Antya 16.82
  āisa—come here    Madhya 7.60, Madhya 20.50, Antya 6.191
  āisa—have come    Adi 17.146
  āisa—come back    Madhya 3.22
  āisa—you may come    Madhya 25.181
  ihāṅ āisa—come here    Adi 7.63, Adi 7.63
  nā āisa—you do not come    Antya 6.50
  āisa mora ghare—come to my place    Madhya 24.245

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