Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: aharah

  aharah—eating    Bg 17.7, SB 3.30.15, SB 4.23.5
  aharah—food for the senses    SB 1.13.56
  aharah—eating    Bg 4.29
  aharah—food    Bg 17.8-10
  akrta-aharah—who refrained from taking food    SB 9.5.18
  ati-aharah—overeating or too much collecting    NoI 2
  krta-aharah—have taken Your breakfast    SB 10.11.16
  krta-aharah—and eating Your lunch    SB 10.11.19
  ucita-aharah—exactly required foodstuffs    SB 4.26.11

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