Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: ahara

  āhāra—eating    Bg 6.17, Madhya 3.73, Antya 8.67-68
  āhāra—eatables.    Madhya 4.29
  āhāra—eating.    Madhya 25.274
  āhāra—food    Antya 8.85
  dugdha-āhāra—drinks milk    Madhya 4.29
  āhāra kari—eating    Antya 6.254
  āhāra karāñā—getting someone to eat    Antya 8.73
  āhāra lāgiyā—to get some alms for eating.    Antya 6.255
  āhāra-nidrā—eating and sleeping    Antya 6.310

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