Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: agranih

  agranih—the foreman    SB 1.12.21
  agranih—foremost    SB 3.1.30
  agranih—the chief    SB 4.5.4
  agranih—the foremost.    SB 4.9.45
  agranih—foremost.    SB-4.21.38
  agranih—taking the lead    SB 6.10.33
  agranih—and chariot driver    SB 8.11.26
  agranih—the leader, who goes first    SB 8.24.50
  agranih—the foremost devotee    SB 8.22.28
  anuga-agranih—one of the principal associates    SB 4.2.20
  vira-yutha-agranih—Bhismadeva, the foremost of all warriors    SB 9.22.20

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