Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: agraha

  āgraha—with great enthusiasm    Madhya 1.119
  āgraha—eagerness    Madhya 7.51
  āgraha—persistence    Madhya 15.155
  āgraha—the eagerness    Madhya 25.47
  āgraha—insistence    Antya 12.129
  āgraha kariyā—with great eagerness.    Madhya 25.26, Antya 8.13, Antya 8.17, Antya 12.136
  āgraha kariyā—with great attention    Antya 10.38, Antya 11.86
  kariyā āgraha—with great eagerness.    Antya 6.294
  mahā-āgraha—great eagerness    Madhya 12.55
  yatna-āgraha vinā—without sincere endeavor    Madhya 24.171
  āgraha kari—with great eagerness    Antya 8.13
  āgraha kariñā—showing great eagerness    Madhya 1.124
  āgraha karila—expressed their eagerness    Madhya 25.162
  āgraha karila—expressed his ardent desire    Antya 5.110
  āgraha kariya—with great eagerness    Madhya 9.306
  āgraha kariyā—with eagerness    Antya 8.14
  āgraha kene kara—why are you eager.    Antya 11.24

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