Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: agama

  āgama—appearing    Bg 2.14
  āgama—Vedic principles    SB 8.3.16
  āgama—with the expectation    SB 10.6.1
  āgama—other transcendental literatures    Adi 2.24
  āgama—the tantra-śāstras.    Madhya 9.42
  āgama—of the Vedas    Madhya 20.145
  śāstra-āgama—and Vedic literatures    Adi 3.38
  āgama-śāstrera—of the Vedic literature    Antya 19.25
  āgama-purāṇa—the Vedas and Purāṇas.    Madhya 20.395
  āgama-āmnāya—unto the source of the paramparā system of all Vedic knowledge    SB 8.3.15

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