Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: agadha

  agādha—unfathomable    Adi 12.94, Madhya 9.158, Madhya 9.363
  agādha—deep    SB 3.16.14
  agādha—very deep    Antya 18.89
  agādha-bodhaiḥ—who were highly learned philosophers    Madhya 1.81, Madhya 13.136
  agādha-bodham—the man of unlimited knowledge    SB 1.5.5
  agādha-bodham—of unfathomed knowledge    SB 3.5.1
  agādha-bodham—possessing unlimited knowledge    SB 10.13.61
  agādha-bodhaḥ—my grandfather, who received unlimited knowledge because of his devotional service    SB 8.22.10
  agādha-dhiṣaṇam—whose spiritual knowledge is deep    SB 6.7.15
  koṭi-samudra agādha—as unfathomable as the millions of seas and oceans    Adi 6.117

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