Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: adira

  adira—of them and others    Antya 3.184, Antya 3.185
  adira—and so on    Madhya 4.186
  soka-adira—of lamentation and so on    Madhya 22.119
  srivasa-adira—of Srivasa Thakura and others    Antya 2.161
  krsna-rupa-adira—of Lord Krsna's beauty, sounds, touch, fragrance and taste    Antya 15.18
  laksmi-adira—of the goddess of fortune and others    Madhya 24.53
  prema-adira—of love of Godhead and so on    Madhya 23.44
  rukmini-adira—of the queens, headed by Rukmini    Madhya 24.51
  sanaka-adira—of the four Kumaras    Madhya 24.204
  sanaka-adira mana—the minds of saintly sages like Sanaka and Sanatana    Madhya 24.44
  sthavara-adira—of the immovable elements    Madhya 24.204
  vadya-adira—of musical instruments    Madhya 13.50
  yoga-adira—of connection and separation    Madhya 23.56
  akasa-adira—of the sky, air and so on    Madhya 8.87

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