Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: adibhyah

  adibhyah—and other animals, such as tigers    SB 5.8.12
  cora-adibhyah—from thieves and rogues    SB 4.14.17
  gaja-adibhyah—by elephants and so on    SB 3.30.27
  graha-adibhyah—from demons and so on    SB 6.8.37
  kantaka-adibhyah—and thorns, etc.    SB 7.15.17
  mrga-varaha-adibhyah—from the deer, wild pigs and so on    SB 5.9.13
  prahlada-adibhyah—unto Prahlada and others    SB 1.3.11
  vyadhi-adibhyah—from diseases and so on    SB 6.8.37

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