Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: adhyaksah

  adhyaksah—director    SB 2.9.25
  adhyaksah—the supreme ruler    SB 3.16.16
  adhyaksah—the witness    SB 4.16.12
  adhyaksah—overseer (who is different from the activities)    SB 7.7.25
  adhyaksah—the proprietor    SB 10.10.30-31
  praja-adhyaksah—Prajapati    SB 8.16.13
  praja-adhyaksah—the rulers of humankind    SB 4.29.42-44
  pura-adhyaksah—superintendent of the city    SB 4.27.16
  sarva-sura-adhyaksah—the leader of all the demigods    SB 10.4.42

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