Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: adhipatih

  adhipatiḥ—the ruler    SB 5.20.25, SB 5.20.31
  adhipatiḥ—commander-in-chief    SB 3.1.28
  adhipatiḥ—a ruler    SB 3.17.28
  adhipatiḥ—ruler    SB 4.25.54
  adhipatiḥ—king    SB 4.27.13
  adhipatiḥ—the king or master    SB 5.20.2
  adhipatiḥ—the king of that island    SB 5.20.20
  haihayānām adhipatiḥ—the King of the Haihayas    SB 9.15.17-19
  pitṛ-gaṇa-adhipatiḥ—who is the chief of the pitās    SB 5.18.29
  tat-dvīpa-adhipatiḥ—the master of that island    SB 5.20.9
  tri-pura-adhipatiḥ—the Lord of the three cities    SB 5.24.28

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