Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: adhamah

  adhamaḥ—lowest of humankind    SB 4.17.26
  adhamaḥ—one who is in a lower standard of life    SB 4.20.13
  adhamaḥ—very degraded    SB 5.26.30
  adhamaḥ—so fallen.    SB 6.2.36-37
  adhamaḥ—very low    SB 7.5.35
  adhamaḥ—lower class    SB 9.18.44
  adhamaḥ—the most fallen    Adi 13.1
  deva-gaṇa-adhamaḥ—the lowest of all the demigods.    SB 4.2.18

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