Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: acarana

  ācaraṇa—conduct.    Adi 2.4
  ācaraṇa—practice    Adi 17.33
  ācaraṇa—behavior.    Adi 17.57-58
  ācaraṇa—custom.    Adi 17.205
  ācaraṇa—activities.    Antya 3.242
  ācaraṇa—behavior    Antya 17.37
  maṅgala-ācaraṇa—auspicious invocation    Adi 1.20, Adi 1.22, Adi 1.29, Adi 1.33
  maṅgala-ācaraṇa—invocation of benediction    Adi 1.83
  maṅgala-ācaraṇa—invocation of auspiciousness.    Adi 17.313
  ye ācaraṇa—the behavior    Madhya 17.185
  ācaraṇa-dvāre—by means of practical demonstration.    Adi 4.265

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