Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: acamana

  ācamana—washing the mouth    Madhya 11.210, Madhya 14.43, Madhya 15.8
  ācamana—washing water    Madhya 4.80
  ācamana—washing the mouth and other parts of the body.    Madhya 24.331
  ācamana—washing of the mouth and hands    Antya 11.89
  śauca-ācamana-ādīn—practice of cleanliness, washing of the mouth, legs and hands, etc.    SB 5.9.4
  kailā ācamana—washed their mouths and hands.    Antya 6.119
  kailā ācamana—washed Their hands and mouths    Antya 6.120
  kailā ācamana—performed washing of the hands and mouth    Antya 12.140
  kari ācamana—after washing His hands and mouth.    Antya 12.52
  karāila ācamana—washed Their hands and mouth    Madhya 3.102
  ācamana diyā—when offering ācamana (water for washing the feet and mouth)    Madhya 4.65
  ācamana kaile—when he had washed his hands and mouth    Antya 8.14
  ācamana kailā—washing His hands and mouth    Antya 6.94
  ācamana karāilā—made them wash their hands, feet and mouths.    Madhya 6.46
  ācamana karāñā—washing the mouth, hands and legs of Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu    Madhya 15.254

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