Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: acala

  acala—unshaken    SB 4.6.32
  acala—the hills    SB 4.22.58
  acala—and steady    SB 5.15.12
  acala—without movement.    Madhya 10.166
  acala—still.    Madhya 14.51
  acala—unflinching    Bg 2.53
  acala brahma—not moving Brahman    Madhya 10.163
  acala-dronyam—in one valley of the Mandara Hill    SB 5.2.2
  acala-pratistham—steadily situated    Bg 2.70
  cala-acala—moving and not moving    Madhya 10.163
  kula-acala-indra—of the king of the mountains (Meru)    SB 3.23.39
  kula-acala-indrasya—of the great mountains    SB 3.13.41

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