Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: abhyantara

  abhyantara—inner space    SB 2.8.16
  abhyantara—internal    SB 5.1.33
  abhyantara—within the abdomen    SB 5.13.8
  abhyantara—inner    SB 5.16.5
  abhyantara—within the house    Madhya 3.150
  abhyantara—inside    Madhya 12.92
  abhyantara—within    Madhya 20.279-280
  abhyantara-varṣam—the inner division    SB 5.16.7
  kāya-abhyantara-vahninā—because of the fire of hunger and thirst within the body    SB 5.14.19
  nāsā-abhyantara—within the nostrils    Bg 5.27-28

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