Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: sauhrdah

  sauhrdah—friendship.    SB 3.3.21
  sauhrdah—in friendship or good will.    SB 7.12.1
  sauhrdah—all friendship or family relationships.    SB 10.4.8
  sauhrdah—in good will    SB 2.2.18
  adabhra-sauhrdah—devotees who are incessantly friendly to the fallen souls    SB 10.2.31
  baddha-sauhrdah—bound by eternal friendship.    SB 1.14.32-33
  baddha-sauhrdah—bound in friendship.    SB 4.20.12
  baddha-sauhrdah—because of being fully attached to Your lotus feet    SB 10.2.33
  krta-sauhrdah—an armistice between them    SB 8.6.32
  tyakta-sauhrdah—became inimical toward one another    SB 8.9.1
  tyakta-sauhrdah—who have given up the company of well-wishers    SB 9.14.38

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