Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: cara

  cara—moving    Bg 11.7, Bg 11.43, SB 4.8.81, SB 6.16.43, SB 7.3.9-10
  cara—moving animals    SB 3.8.30
  cara—air    Adi 5.72
  cara—messengers    Madhya 19.31
  cara—bait    Antya 15.71
  cara-acara—of the whole world (both animate and inanimate)    SB 4.2.2
  cara-acara-akhyam—and everything, moving and nonmoving    SB 8.12.11
  cara-acara-atma—Krsna, the all-pervading Supersoul    SB 10.6.8
  cara-acaraih—both the moving and the nonmoving    SB 10.13.51
  cara-acaram—animate and inanimate    SB 3.16.22
  cara-acaram—everything animate and inanimate.    SB 3.29.44
  cara-acaram—all living entities    SB 4.4.29
  cara-acaram—moving and nonmoving living entities    SB 4.17.31
  cara-acaram—the moving and the stationary    SB 5.18.32
  cara-acaram—moving and not moving    SB 7.2.39
  cara-acaram—with all the moving and nonmoving living entities    SB 7.14.27-28
  cara-acaram—all that is moving or nonmoving within this universe.    SB 7.14.34
  cara-acarasya—of different bodies, some moving and some not moving    SB 5.12.8
  cara-acarasya—moving and nonmoving    SB 10.2.29
  cara-acarasya—of all living entities, moving and nonmoving    Madhya 20.145
  cara-acaranam—of all living entities, moving and nonmoving    SB 8.5.37
  cara-acarah—movable and immovable.    SB 3.6.5
  cara-acarah—moving and not moving    SB 6.15.5
  cara-acarah—moving and nonmoving living entities.    SB 7.15.80
  cara-acarah—the moving and the nonmoving (like trees and plants)    SB 8.3.22-24
  dina cara—only four days    Madhya 1.239
  go-cara—fit to be practiced    SB 3.25.28
  hindu-cara—the Hindu spy    Madhya 16.162-163
  kama-cara-kriyasu—of extravagance    Madhya 24.69
  sa-brahma-cara-acaram—all the living entities, including the brahmanas    SB 6.13.8-9
  sa-cara-acaram—whatever is moving and nonmoving.    SB 10.13.55
  sa-cara-acarah—with all others, moving and nonmoving    SB 8.7.40
  sei cara—that messenger    Madhya 16.168
  sthala-cara—living entities who can move on land    Madhya 19.144
  sthira-cara—nonmoving and moving    Antya 3.76
  sthira-cara-vrjina-ghnah—the destroyer of all the ill fortune of all living entities, moving and not moving    Madhya 13.79
  vismapita-cara-acarah—astonishing the moving and nonmoving living entities.    Madhya 23.82-83
  vari-cara-prasangat—because of the affairs of the aquatics    SB 9.6.50

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